KBOR Communication With NRA Exposed

In the March 9, 2017 hearing for HB2220, a bill that would preempt each of the individual universities’ guns on campus policies with the much less restrictive Kansas Board of Regents policy, Travis Couture-Lovelady, a former Kansas representative who gave up his seat in the Kansas House of Representatives to become a full-time National Rifle Association lobbyist, testified in front of the House Federal and State Affairs Committee in support of that bill. In his testimony, he expressed that the Board of Regents met with the NRA multiple times. Here’s a clip of part of his testimony:

For the video of the entire hearing, check out Loud Light‘s livestream of it on Facebook.

Because of this hearing, one of us filed an open records request on July 10, 2017 for the Kansas Board of Regents’ communications with known affiliates of the gun lobby:

July 10 2017 KORA on KBOR for site

Three days later, we received this response and the following two emails as attachments. The emails are from Travis Couture-Lovelady  to Matt Casey, the Kansas Board of Regents Director of Government Relations.

response to july 10 KORA on KBOR
FW_ Questions about Kansas Board of Regents Weapons Policies (1)
FW_ Campus carry

Because of the casual tone in which Travis Couture-Lovelady wrote to Matt Casey, we decided to request more of the communications between Couture-Lovelady and Casey:

July 21 2017 KORA on KBOR

On July 28, 2017, Renee Burlingham sent us a bill for $3203.21 if we want to know what other communications they had with the NRA. Because we are unpaid volunteers and students, we don’t have that kind of money. If you want to know what documents they have that will take 93 hours of labor and $3203.21 to get, please consider donating! All the money will go directly towards this records request. You can donate here.

KBOR response to KORA July 28 2017

We asked for a more itemized cost list, and after going back and forth in an effort to get this request, we received this email:


As soon as we get enough money to process that request, we will do so and make all of the documents returned public here.