On Kris Kobach’s Not-So-Childish Antics with a Machine Gun Studded Jeep (Children Know Better)

June 2nd is National Gun Violence Prevention Day. The day was chosen because it was the birthday of Hadiya Pendleton, a 15-year-old from Chicago who was killed with a gun shortly after participating in Obama’s inauguration. There’s been a whole #WearOrange campaign around it since 2015. You can read more here. There were events to celebrate the day all over Kansas. Fail Campus Carry admittedly didn’t do enough advertising for them this year. It is what it is. We hope you went.

Of course we couldn’t have a day to remember gun violence victims without Kris Kobach literally parading around with a giant machine gun, could we? Not in Kansas. (And yes, we know it’s a replica and we don’t care—it’s still gross).

We’d like to remind everyone why no one should actually be shocked that Kris hates-immigrants-and-following-court-rules Kobach mounted a replica machine gun to the top of an American flag painted jeep with children sitting in the back of it, while he stood in the front seat and waved at people while driving through the Shawnee Old Days Parade.

That’s about as Kobach as Kobach gets.

kobach jeep (2)
Photo from the KC Star

Kobach is so afraid of immigrants and anyone whose skin tone is darker than his that he’s devoted pretty much his entire career to making it difficult for a significant portion of the population to just go about their daily lives or vote or take part in the civic process and so on and so on (you can google his various behaviors – there’s plenty of them and we won’t waste your time listing them here because if you live in Kansas, which you likely do, you know already).

Kobach also lets his fears of a changing world and losing power as a white man control him to the point that he carries a machine with him everywhere he goes and insists that other people be OK with that machine in literally every public place and probably most private ones. Even though this machine kills an average of 105 Americans every single day, at least 10 of whom are children just like the ones he potentially traumatized with his phallic ‘murica display of insensitivity at the Shawnee Old Days Parade.

(P.S. We won’t back down in the face of your literal gun or your outrageous culture.)

So basically, we aren’t shocked and dismayed by this because this has become normalized in our state and Kris Kobach is unfortunately not alone. There are dozens of (mostly) men in Kansas government who also let their fears drive them to carry machines designed with the purpose of killing other beings and let those fears push them towards creating policies that are objectively less safe for the public just because they make them feel more powerful.

So, yes Kris Kobach, if you’re reading this, we are mad at you. But we are more mad that 105 Americans are dying every day from machines that you think we need in our state. We are also mad that you are so insensitive that you think it’s appropriate to not only take a giant, replica machine gun to a community parade, but to support and promote policies that make it more likely for people to die from those machines in Kansas. Who raised you?

And to everyone else, please vote. Republican primaries are on August 7th. Voter registration is here. And yes, that’s Kris Kobach’s face on the voter registration page because for some reason, Kansas allows the person in charge of elections to run for governor while still in charge of elections. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Hint: this is why it’s so important that you vote).