The Kansas Legislature is a lot hectic right now, but here’s the gist.

If they don’t pass school funding by midnight and formally adjourn, all bills not signed by the governor are dead – both good bills and bad bills.

The NRA is driving calls to Senator Majority Leader Jim Denning’s office urging them to pass HB 2042 – the concealed carry reciprocity bill that will also lower the age of concealed carry to 18 in Kansas with a permit (permits will won’t be required for 21+).

We need to counter what they are doing AND try to get the good bill, HB 2145 which will create restrictions on who can own guns, specifically convicted domestic abusers, signed into law by Governor Colyer. 

Please call Governor Colyer at 785-368-8500 and urge him to sign HB 2145. You can also contact him via the website here.

Then, call Senate Majority Leader Jim Denning at 785-296-2497 or email him at Jim.Denning@senate.ks.gov and urge him to leave HB 2042 alone and focus on adequately funding the schools.

Then call your senators and your representatives and urge them to adequately fund the schools and also stop HB 2042.

We need more money for education and fewer guns in Kansas.

Thank you all! Let’s get better gun laws in Kansas.

Guns and education don’t mix.