Could you get a misdemeanor for asking if your child’s teacher is armed? Maybe

The Kansas House Insurance Committee will hear a bill to arm teachers and other school employees on Tuesday, March 27th at 8am in the Kansas Statehouse. This bill does a lot more than just equipping lunch ladies with guns and potentially adding a handgun to a teacher’s school supply list. It may also end up making disclosing or “encouraging disclosure of” the school employees that are carrying a class C misdemeanor offense.

A Class C Misdemeanor offense is punishable by up to a month in jail and a fine of up to $500.

Here’s the section of the bill in question, Section 5(b):  

“Any individual, association, partnership, corporation or other entity that willfully or knowingly discloses, permits or encourages disclosure of such confidential information [in this case, the identities or personal information of the employees carrying guns at school] shall be guilty of a class C misdemeanor”

What does this mean for us?

Is a parent who demands to know if their child’s teacher armed guilty of a misdemeanor?

Is a student who warns other students that a teacher is packing heat guilty of a misdemeanor?

Would we, Fail Campus Carry, be guilty of a misdemeanor for thinking this is a horrible idea and saying as much?

What do you have to say for it to be considered “encouraging disclosure”?

We shouldn’t be arming school employees to begin with, but if they are to have guns, people deserve to know which ones are. If a parent doesn’t want their kid in a classroom with a teacher who’s carrying a gun, they should be able to request that they be put in a different classroom without facing potential jail time. 

What can we do about this?

Please attend the hearing tomorrow, Tuesday, March 27th at 8am in Room 281-N in the Kansas Statehouse. Also, please contact the members the House Insurance Committee and tell them why you oppose this bill. We will keep you updated.

House Insurance Committee

Chair Rep. Jene Vickrey

Phone: 785-296-7748

Vice-Chair Rep. Willie Dove

Phone: 785 296-7677

Ranking Minority Leader Rep. Cindy Neighbor

Phone: 785 296-7690

Rep. Elizabeth Bishop

Phone: 785 296-5016

Rep. Ken Corbet

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Rep. Tom Cox

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Rep. Roger Elliott

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Rep. John Eplee

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Rep. Randy Powell

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Rep. Frank Trimboli

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