Bill introduced to repeal gag law barring KS universities from speaking on guns on campus

Bill introduced on 2/6/2018 to repeal law prohibiting public entities, like universities, from communicating with the legislature regarding guns on campus.

At 9am this morning in the Federal and State Affairs Committee, HB 2677 was introduced to repeal a law passed in 2013 which prohibits any agency which receives state money from communicating with the legislature about “gun control.” This law has been interpreted to mean that the University of Kansas, for example, is not allowed to testify on hearings which concern guns on college campuses or do anything that can be construed as serving the purpose of changing state legislation regarding guns.

When this law originally passed in 2013, another important law was also being passed through Topeka– HB2052– a bill creating the crime of unlawful discharge that, by the time it left the Senate, was also a bill which forced universities, state hospitals and other public buildings to allow concealed carry, with the option of a 4-year exemption period ending on July 1, 2017. The Kansas Board of Regents and all of the university police chiefs in Kansas prior to this point, were in unanimous opposition to allowing guns on campus.

Both of those laws were enrolled on the same day, which meant that in 2015, for example, the state universities were not legally allowed to express disapproval at the bill that ultimately got rid of permit and training requirements in the State, despite its obvious impact on concealed carry on university campuses.

So if you’ve wondered why the Chancellor of the University of Kansas or the administration of Kansas State University has been silent during all of our legislative attempts to reverse campus carry, this gag law barring them from speaking to the legislature is a big part of the reason.

We must repeal this gag law so that the legislature has access to the opinions of those whom some of the laws they are passing affect the most.

Please call your legislators and demand that they support this bill.


Updated to include bill number.