Bill allowing 18-20 year olds to concealed carry passes KS House

In today’s Kansas House of Representatives session, there were two gun bills that were amended on the floor– HB 2042 and HB 2145 — and passed. What happened can be found in more detail below, and on our Twitter feed.

In summary, the Kansas House passed HB 2042 (amended) out of committee. The bill as amended does 3 main things:

  • Passes Concealed Carry Reciprocity (CCR), which is an agreement between states to accept other states concealed carry licenses. This is something the gun lobby wants because it allows them to get around permit and training requirements in states that have stricter requirements. They want it because it will make it easier to further restrict gun laws.
  • Allows 18-20 year olds to concealed carry in Kansas with a permit. This is the permit application in Kansas. The training that Kansas requires is only 8 hours long and around $100, so it does not guarantee that someone who has passed it knows how to react in a dangerous situation with their gun.
  • Requires anyone who wants to concealed carry on a college or university campus in Kansas to have a permit like the one mentioned above no matter what their age.

On its face, part of this bill sounds like it might be a good idea, but do not be fooled. The main part of the bill — Concealed Carry Reciprocity — would make the amendments basically obsolete because people from states that don’t require any training to get a concealed carry permit would be able to carry on campus without training. It would make what we have in Kansas — permitless carry — more likely to be a reality nationwide.  This bill is also clearly a step towards no permit or training requirements for people ages 18-20. We must have more stringent permit and training requirements for everyone who carries anywhere and we must prohibit guns on campus. Period.

Explanation of Today’s Events 

This bill would legalize concealed carry reciprocity. This is a huge nationwide effort by the NRA to make permits and training obsolete nationwide. Here’s an explanation of what this concept is from an organization fighting it at the national level.

In today’s session, Representative John Whitmer first introduced an amendment to HB 2042 to fix the dates on the bill so they are current for this year, which passed.

Then, Representative Landwehr introduced an amendment to allow people over the age of 18 but under the age of 21 to legally concealed carry in Kansas with a permit. Right now, no one under 21 is legally allowed to concealed carry in Kansas, and no permits or training are required for anyone over the age of 21. This law would do nothing to enforce permits on those 21+ and would expand who is allowed to concealed carry legally in the state. It was made clear that this would be a step towards 18-20 year olds being allowed to concealed carry without a permit, an ultimate goal of the NRA. This amendment passed with a 82-42 vote.

Representative Ballard then introduced an amendment to allow individual universities to make their own decisions about whether to allow campus carry, which would effectively reverse the campus carry law. That amendment failed 53-69.

Then Representative Vic Miller introduced an amendment to ban bump stocks, which was rule not germane to the bill. A challenge was made to the germaneness ruling and then overruled. Basically, that amendment failed because the Rules Committee didn’t consider it pertinent enough to the bill at hand.

Then Representative Aurand introduced an amendment that would require permits and training for anyone concealed carrying on college and university campuses in Kansas regardless of their age. This amendment passed 70-52.

The House then voted on the bill as amended (with the Aurand and Landwehr amendments explained above) and passed it out of Committee of the Whole.

After more than 2 hours discussing HB 2042, the bill, HB2145, which would create restrictions on carrying guns for people convicted of domestic violence, passed out of Committee without debate or discussion on a voice vote.

If  any of this concerns you, please contact your legislators.


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