The Fight To Keep Guns Off Campus Is NOT Over

It is July 1, 2017, so guns are now officially allowed on college campuses in Kansas. We fought hard. We called and emailed legislators. We had in person conversations. We held protests. We showed up at meetings. We distributed information. We made campus carry a campaign issue in 2016. We forced campus carry into public discourse. We got people talking. We stood up for our educational spaces. We expressed our academic freedom. We were brave.

Now that it is July 1, the gun lobby expects to give up. They expect us to be afraid. They think their guns are going to scare us all into silence and that we are going to quietly stand by while they carry their death machines into our educational spaces.

They think that we will quit learning and quit teaching. They think that after a few days, we will forget that there was ever a time in which guns were not permitted. They think that we will allow this to be normal.

They are waiting for the media to die down and for us to become complacent.

But we are not going to stop fighting this law.

We are not going to quit working to ensure that educational spaces in the state are safe and free from violence and literal weapons of war.

We will not normalize the presence of guns on our college campuses.

We are not going to cower and we are not going to quit.

So get ready Kansas, because we are just getting started.